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aesthetic dentistry

 Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the type of dentistry doesn’t only beautify teeth but also your gums and/or bite. It’s specifically used to improve your mouth shape and smile quality that can even extend all the way towards improvement of the function of the teeth in terms of its bite form and force. However, it’s the type of dental work that’s mostly preoccupied with the improvement of your teeth’s appearance and not necessarily its functionality, as in the case of teeth whitening.

In many cases, functional improvements are incidental to the success of aesthetic dentistry. It’s characterized by the following traits that differentiate it from standard dental, gingival, and oral practices towards the healthiness of your teeth, gums, and mouth.

  • Focused on Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic dentistry is mostly focused on improving the color, shape, size, position, and alignment of the teeth as well as the overall appearance of your smile. This extends to healthy gums that can be surgically altered to make a smile less gummy and jaw structure. Some might argue that dental treatments by themselves can result in better form as well as function, but some wish to avail of dentistry that’s strictly about teeth beautification.
  • The Tasks of Aesthetic Dentists: The dentists who specialize in aesthetic dentistry are called aesthetic dentists, but because this dentistry type is mostly known as cosmetic dentistry, they’re more commonly known as cosmetic dentists. Their specific experience in the field, training, specialty, and education are focused on this dentistry type even though it’s not considered a formal specialization. Even though there are whitening options available over-the-counter, an aesthetic dentist is still preferable because dentist-supervised treatments have the highest success rates in lightening teeth discoloration.
  • Aesthetic Dentistry Controversies and Realities: There is controversy in regards to dentists undergoing cosmetic dentistry specialization or identifying as cosmetic dentists in terms of the ethics of the practice since its predominant objective is to market these professionals to patients as the equivalent of the plastic surgeon in the world of dentistry. In fact, the American Dental Association or ADA doesn’t recognize aesthetic dentistry as a formal specialty.
Cosmetic Dentistry

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