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When we talk about buttock augmentation surgery refers to the surgical procedure that allows to increase the volume of the derrière, introducing “implants” or “grafts”, usually made of silicone. This increase is also achieved by a procedure called lipoinjection or fat transfer in which fat obtained from the same patient is used, taking advantage of it to sculpt the body. More and more men and women are seeking to apply these procedures to highlight their figure.

Here are 2 ways of gluteoplasty summarized as follows:

Also known as BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT, literally “Brazilian back lifting” technique, is to inject fat to strategically increase the volume of the gluteal area. This alternative to silicone implants, in addition to novel, offers esthetic results with a very natural appearance. Among its advantages is that through aspiration and injection, it allows the surgeon to model the body, without the insertion of foreign substances into the body that can provoke rejection and infection, capsule formation, and asymmetries. In fact, this technique is simpler and causes less postoperative pain, and is therefore increasingly used.

It is a surgery that is performed making cuts of approximately 4 cm hidden in the groove that separates both buttocks and from there is accessed the pocket located under each gluteus major, inserting the prosthesis.
The current dominant tendency is that these prostheses are two-dimensional, evolving increasingly into forms adapted to the specific physiological characteristics of each patient, and filled with gelatins or cohesive gel, these being non-liquid eliminate the risk of infiltration of foreign substances to the organism.
For this intervention, general anesthesia is used, but also joint sedation with local or epidural anesthesia (from the waist down), and lasts about two hours.

It is recommended to use general anesthesia or epidural (column).

A vertical incision is made between the two buttocks, going from here to each side of the buttock, exposing the gluteus maximus muscle, to make a pocket under this muscle, where are placed the prosthesis specially designed for this area, proceeding to close again marking well the inter gluteal line.
It requires a week-long rest on the stomach to prevent opening of the wound, cleaning after bathing, antibiotics and analgesics, and a belt for the hip area.
The duration of surgery is 2 ½ hours.

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