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Plastic Surgery


For patients with little or no breast development, patients who lost breast volume after pregnancy with or without sagging of the breasts. Also in reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

It’s recommended under general anesthesia.

It is done through an incision around the lower part of the areola, or in some cases in the inframammary fold, the major pectoralis muscle is reached, this muscle is lifted and the implants are placed between the ribs and the muscle (submuscular) high quality, textured, cohesive silicone gel implants are used, sutured by planes, put on postoperative bras, and managed on an outpatient basis. Antibiotics and analgesics are formulated, postoperative physiotherapy is recommended weekly if possible, the duration of the procedure is 2 hours. Reduction of the areola size and breast lift can be performed if the breast is sagging (mamopexy).

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