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Plastic Surgery


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the aesthetic problems of the nose, such as bony hump, bone protruding from the back of the nose, resembling a hump, the deviations to the right or left of the whole of nose, congenital malformations such as the sequelae of the cleft lip and palate and other genetic factors. As well as trauma and diseases affecting both the expression of the nose and its physiology.

Nowadays rhinoplasty seeks by means of surgery that the nose takes the facial harmony, adjusted to the patient’s facial structure, that is, an optimal result makes the nose follow the structural features of the face. One of the main goals of the surgeon is to shape the nose so that it looks natural, and in accordance with the expression both facial and the rest of the patient’s body.

Usually it is ambulatory, the same day of the surgery you will be able to return to your house.

Under general anesthesia.


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